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Community Kids Summer Camps
The Theatre Project is unique in the fact that all works are original or based on Classic children's stories. Students will collaborate on all aspects of the production, from story, music and set design. There are 3 productions a year, Spring, Fall and a Summer Musical. The performances are a culmination of each semesters training and every student will be utilized in the productions. Each student will be given the opportunity to develop their creative gifts and self confidence to help in vocational choices. Each semesters perfomance will be open to the public 
The Musical Project is a cutting edge opportunity to help students develop and refine their musical talents. All genres of music are covered and determined by the students styles and influences. Original compositions will be encouraged and performed by the class. All students will participate to the level they are comfortable. Students will not only be taught about careers and opportunities in the music industry, but taught an appreciation of music for self expression and enjoyment. A recital will be held at the end of each semester and will be open to the public. 
Community Kids Summer Camps are designed to create a memorable summer camp experience. The week long camp has a daily agenda that includes activities such as : Games, Swimming, theatrical & musical performances ( From the Theatre & Music Project)  lunch and snacks and age appropiate movies. The week long camp will have a theme 
"Making A Difference" where  campers will have an opportunity to help a local community organization.  
Kid Care - Before & After School
Dream A Dream Vocational Program
One of the most difficult challenges that working parents face is finding childcare in a quality environment to fit varied work schedules.Kids Care - Before & After School understands the needs of parents and children to help provide a comfortable, safe and friendly place where the children have fun and parents have the peace of mind that the children are in a positve, creative learning facility.  
The Dream A Dream Vocational program assists young people of working age to secure employment and vocational counseling. An emphasis is placed on skill appropriate employment and development of needed skills to help students pursue the best educational and/or vocational alternatives. This program is available to students who have graduated or are working on their G.E.D.
The Music Project
The Theatre Project